We believe in transparency ...

Because every job is different, we take the time to carefully price your requirements
based on specifics, giving you a true indication of the total cost. Our business is all about
transparency, meaning we don’t hide anything and you know exactly what you are
paying for. Once we have agreed to a price, we stick to it, and make sure any variances
are communicated if they occur during the job.
If you have building or home insurance, the cost of repair or replacement will often be
covered. Likewise, if your vehicle insurance covers windscreen repair or replacement, you
will have the peace of mind you need to cover your costs.
Just contact your insurer, pass their details and claim number on to us, and we can
manage the job from there. Nice and simple.
Call us now on 0800 GlassFix for a quote or to see how we can help.


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